You are what you eat?

They say


One little girl standing on another to reach the drinking fountain

Grylls Vest

Bear Grylls makes a vest out of a dead seal, much better than the jacket

Pirate's Nightmare

What is a horny pirate's nightmare, a sunken chest and no booty.

Let's Be Friends

shark and sea lion, let's be friends!, no!

I Got Arrested

I Got Arrested.... Development on DVD


 I don't always crop in image in Photoshop. (image cropped badly)

Release the Kraker

release the kraker, funny cat


Everyone shut the fuck up, I'm trying to think

Korean Monkey Baby

you have greatly pleased Korean monkey baby

No Flip

luggage says no flip on the side and it is sideways, bottom says you sob no flip


What you think you'll be like during the zombie apocalypse guy fighting them


Baby looks like Wilson from Castaway


Meanwhile In Canada, guy shoots tear gas with hockey stick.

Baby Mop

Baby cloths have a mop on them


Kidnap? I prefer the term surprise adoption.

Crab Transformer

Crab looks like a transformer.

I Can't Read

I Can't Read... The Red Sox' Defense

Meanwhile in Finland...

Is it racist?

Finally, synthetic watermelon


Cinder Block with pole through it's hole looks like a stabbed block head...


Aztec Calendar, I only had enough room to go to 2012, why arewe speaking english