You are what you eat?

They say

Spiderman Vs. Rock N Roll

Rock N roll Spiderman, know the difference.




Jive Cat

Jive cat looks like he's giving a high five.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon, Reese Withoutaspoon

That's Nice

that's nice kitty

Your Magnets Are Here

Magnetic package sticks to mailbox


Pregnancy test, result shows: go call MTV


Hello, this is phone.

(old phone looks like a face) HELLO, yes this is phone.

Cha Cha

cat doing the cha cha, cha cha real smooth.

Spoil The End

Jesus Dies

Can We Go By McDonalds

Can we go by mcdonalds, yeah, then they drive by.

Snoop Dog

Why Does Snoop Dog need an Umbrella? Fo Drizzle.

They Used to Call Me Names.

Ninja in red uniform. They used to call me names, this uniform used to be white.

Melon Collie

Melon Collie; Collie with a watermelon helmet

Inappropriate Timing

Bill Clinton comes in at an inappropriate time, "Did someone say Columbian Prostitutes?"

Great Wall of China

Wall of plates, Great Wall of China

Big Rig Crashes

Headline, Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 freeway, creates jam.


little dog holding back cat)Chill Chill, it aint worth it, you on probation son.

Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia.... I'm still fucking insane!