You are what you eat?

They say


If orphans don't have parents, where do they come from?

The Internet

Computers-designed to make people more productive then they invented theinternet


You know why T-rex can't clap his hands? Because he's dead.

This Guy, He Let the Dogs Out

This guy, he let the dogs out.

Samuel L. Catson

Samuel L. Catson (cat with Samuel L. Jackson head)

Wins Lottery

Bad Luck Brian, Wins Lottery, Hunger Games


funny cat

Violent CPR

Guy giving CPR looks like he's attacking the guy.

Give Me the Blunt

Give Me the Blunt... criticism I need to improve my tactical ability

Fry Skull

skull made out of mcdonalds fries

Face Shop

Funny face photoshop


Bueno, dog

Time Travel

Jacob Von Hogeflume, the inventor of time travel lived here in 2189

Shoe Tree

Shoe Tree

Fat Dog

Fat dog sits on brick.

Smoked Duck

Duck Smoking

Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia.... I'm still fucking insane!

I Has A Money

Kitten staring at a coin, I has a money, what i do wif it?

The Amount of People...

The amount of people that confuse to and too is two damn high!

Loss of the Ring

basketball, Loss of the ring

Contain Orgasms

Ladies, please. Contain your orgasms