Stop Liking What I Don't Like

Stop Liking What I Don't Like

You Will Bleed

psycho, You Will Bleed,  if you're not careful shaving

You're Weird

You're weird...

Best Friends

Funny looking dog, and funny looking guy

Baby Adult

Adult kisses baby that has an adult head

Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem, guy sitting in undies in front of computer

Kitten Fail

Kitten Fail

Inappropriate Timing

Bill Clinton comes in at an inappropriate time, "Did someone say Columbian Prostitutes?"


Picture of Hammer, this is not a drill

Pink Freud

Pink Freud

Swing Dog

Dog in child swing

Internet vs Real Life

Internet you're a cougar, real life, you're a cat

What's Happening In Japan

Pie chart, what's happening in japan, some crazy shit

Covalent Bond

professor cat says the name's bond, covalent bond

Broken Seal

Seal with broken arm talking to shark. Do not consume if seal is broken.

Wookie Goldberg

Wookie Goldberg




Shaving, before I look like a pirate, after I look like a happy boy.


comic, guy sees cereal in fridge, realizes he put it there in the morn The Milk!

The Chosen One

Who are u? Someone changed your name in my phone. What did they change it to?

Humpty Dumpty

Baby that looks like mafioso. Humpty Dumpty was the rat? Make it look like an accident.

He Died Fighting

Fried chicken with his leg sticking out, -He died fighting.