Stop Liking What I Don't Like

Stop Liking What I Don't Like



Cat Woman

Cat headed woman, woman headed cat.


What you think you'll be like during the zombie apocalypse guy fighting them

You Don't Understand Mom

You Don't Understand mom, I can't save in the middle of a battle!

Video Games at Work

Comic, boss tells worker to get off video game, he says hold on let me fight thi

Drew Barrymore

(Drawing of Drew Barrymore) Seems like somebody Drew Barrymore


Kids graduating, Congratulations, the best years of your life are over.

Happy Snake

I am pleased by this, snake

Group Work

Group Work? Free points...

Primary School in America

Emma Watson asks; What do you call primary school in America? Sherlock says 'Elementary my dear Watson'.


Kate Middleton stepping out of a limo; Tell me I did not just step on concrete.


(calculator looks like game control)Nice try, math, but still I don't like you.

Look to Your Left

Look to Your Left, (arrow points right) I said left!

Sadimir Putin

picture of putin frowing, sadimir putin

Deal With It

Deal with it dog


I'm not going to be like that guy, Math, not even once

Dog Whistle

I love dogwhistles, you've probably never heard it before.

Chocolate Mixer

There is no other factory in the world that mixes its chocolate by pelican

Dog Costume

dog in costume

Fanta Sea

Is this real life, or is this just Fanta Sea?

Dog Face

Dog Face