Do You Even Lift?

Do You Even Lift?


Asian dad - Facebook? Why don't you face book and study?


3 guys with laptops on lap, one guy with a notebook that says Dell

Mary had a little lamb

Mary had a little lamb.. (puppy face) HAD

You don't even know me.

Wife gets cookie monster crackers, he says "It's like you don't even know me"

Watermelon Head

girl has watermelon head

Ghetto Mullet

Ghetto Mullet, party onthe right side, business on the left side

Kitty Wants

Kitten, do want!


Do the laundry they said, it will be fun, they said


"This is not an assignment you can do the night before!" Challenge Accepted

High School Progression

4 years of high school ids, funny progression from normal looking guy to a wack

A Few Goodmen

A Few Goodmen, john goodman.


An ape has conversations with humans

Pop Bullies

cans of coke smash and kill a can of pepsi

How To Save Someone

 Man saves passed out from fire, then does a body slam.


doug eating round thing, last panel he's mad "this is a dinner plate"

You are what you eat?

They say "You are what you eat" funny I don't remember eating a sexy beast


cause i'm a crepe, i'm a weirdough, what the hell am I doughing here, I doughnot


"Missippi's literacy program shows improvement"

Picture Day

Picture day, feel great, wearing my new American Eagle shirt.

Why you shouldn't be afraid to ask a girl out...

If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask you to set him as your default browser, please don't tell me you can't dare to ask a girl out.

What If

What if Bill was Ted?