Do You Even Lift?

Do You Even Lift?

Hard Test

You know you're effed on a test when the Asian kid says "shit".

Happy Bread

Happy Bread Approves

Damn Gravity

Damn Gravity, Always Keeping Me Down

Rainbow TV


Hey Baby...

Cat Chemist, Hey Baby, got my ION you

Thumbs Up

bunch of old people with their thumbs up, "woke up"

No es here

Mario meets maid, No No Mr Princess no es here you go to other castle

Bash Face in Ground Button

roller skate with brake on front, arrow points to brake, "bash face into ground"


Music album looks funny, guy is peeking out of handle

Chocolate Milk

Two Parent white milk jugs, and a baby chocolate milk

You Will Bleed

psycho, You Will Bleed,  if you're not careful shaving


("Hillside" sign looks like LSD) LSD, the beginning of something wonderful...

First Time on a Plane

Bad Luck Brian, first time on a plane, snakes


(Fry) Not sure if my crush is just shy, or not into me at all

Look to Your Left

Look to Your Left, (arrow points right) I said left!

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Dwight, Nothing Rhymes With Orange. False orange and nothing do not rhyme.


Ironman is actually a Fe-male

Fox Smells Flower

Fox smells flower

Shaving Foams

Ha! Ha! I'm using the shaving foams!. Guy has shaving cream all over his face!


If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean the fifth one enjoysit


Dig up newtons grave, fly with apple, Newton is spinning in grave harness energy