Colored Man

Colored Person

Wing Wing

Asian kid on phone: Wing Wing, Herro?

Not Enough Likes

I'm sorry, we didn't get enough likes in time. Your little boy is going to die.


Mailbox painted to look like r2d2

Wood Tires

Wood tired car


couple kissing, alpaca behind: I get the hint, alpaca my bags and move out

Melon Collie

Melon Collie; Collie with a watermelon helmet

Cocaine Bear

Bear covered in snow, I occasionally enjoy cocaine

Piss Test

charlie sheen piss test, bear grillis

Sick Pumpkin

Pumpkin throwing up pumpkin seeds.

I Got This

guy with pipes on his arms, everybody chill the fu#@ out, I Got This

Gandalf Strategy

kobe asks gandalf, "what should my strategy be" gandalf "you shall not pass"

I Don't Always Eat Shit

Dog, I don't always eat shit, but when i do it's cat shit

Dear Girls

tweet, dear girls, the sooner one of you bites the bullet and becomes my girl...


Scumbag dog, Eats His Poop, Licks your face

Hipster Hospital

Hipster Hospital, comic

Sad Shark

Sad shark, tried to help a surfer, got punched in the nose


Catstronaut is ready for blastoff.


funny cat


Kids graduating, Congratulations, the best years of your life are over.

Dog in Fort

get off the couch dog!

Old Email

The awkward moment when you give someone that email address created at age 11