Colored Man

Colored Person


what you bought-hat, you thought you'd look like-bogart, what you look like-bum

Kitten and Ducklings

kitten and duckling, attack my minions

In Soviet Russia, bike ride you!

bike on guy, In soviet Russia, bike ride you

WTF men


"This is not an assignment you can do the night before!" Challenge Accepted

All Men Are Created Equal?

All men are created equal, False explain midgets.

You Are Not Alone

mint wrapper says "You Are Not Alone"... you have this mint to keep you company

I don't always talk to art students...

I don't always talk to art students, but when I do I ask for large fries


Seinfeld cd makes him look funny in a cd holder

Lion King

Holy Shit! They're Real! Lion King, pumba

Cat Bomb

Cat With Bombs strapped to him, i can do this 8 more times, lol!

Sad Shark

Sad shark, tried to help a surfer, got punched in the nose


says "peace" instead of "goodbye", Starts Fight

Contain Orgasms

Ladies, please. Contain your orgasms

Legalize It

Boy holding plant that isn't marijuana, "legalize it"

History Channel

You Claim to be a channel dedicated to history, but your scheduled programs of ufo sightings, vampires & aliens determined that to be a lie

Got A Splinter?

Civil War Doctor. Got A Splinter? Amputate.

Unicorn Meat

Unicorn Meat

I've Been Watching You Shower

I've Been Watching You Shower, that dog with love since he was a puppy

Lord Gloom

Lord Gloom is amused by fat guy's stomach.

Need An Ark?

Need An Ark? I Noah Guy.