How My Brain Works

(How my brains work)like a light switch either utterly obsessed or uninterested

Watermelon Head

girl has watermelon head

White on Top?

why is the white on top?

Dog Training

Dog Training For Dummies

Wish For Death

Throw coin in wishing well, wish for death, speak wish out loud it wont come tru

Internet vs Real Life

Internet you're a cougar, real life, you're a cat

I don't always get angry

I don't always get mad but when I do I grab my beer bottle upside down from neck

Awkward Hawk

Oh this was your pet? Hawkward.


Guinea pig with glasses.

Legalize It

Boy holding plant that isn't marijuana, "legalize it"

Lead Brain

My Brain is full of lead


Music album looks funny, guy is peeking out of handle

Pirate of the Caribbean

If I download a movie in Jamaica am I a pirate of the Caribbean?

Pepsi and Cigarettes

Pepsi and Cigarettes, Breakfast of Champions

Dentist Tomorrow

Dentist appointment tomorrow? Floss like hell tonight.

Whisper Dirty Things

I want you to whisper dirty things in my year, kitchen, bathroom, livingroom

Octopi Wall Street

Octopi Wall Street!

Eskimo Cats

Three little kittens wrapped up, I'll take three purritos to go.

Give Me the Blunt

Give Me the Blunt... criticism I need to improve my tactical ability

Put Clocks in Microwave

No Instant Food

no instant food left in house, it's like Auschwitz in here


quickly, get in everything I drink and eat for the next three months