How My Brain Works

(How my brains work)like a light switch either utterly obsessed or uninterested

Baby Sees Mirror

Baby Mirror, so we meet again.

Drive Through Pharmacy

Drive-Thru Pharmacy, car through wall

Effin Ball

Fuck you ball!


Nintendo? I thought we bombed that place.

Chocolate Milk

Two Parent white milk jugs, and a baby chocolate milk

Smug Cat

Smug Cat, is better than you

Video Games

Video Games, why waste good technology on science and medicine

The Real Family Circus

Family Circus Say what if you want to get hit in the dick with a dart.. What?


what the fuck is this shit?

Dog Boss

Which One of You Morons Bought Us a Color Printer?

Your Magnets Are Here

Magnetic package sticks to mailbox

Squirrel Song

Farewell Old Farewell

Banana vs. Stoplight

Banana vs stop light, colors don't mean the same.

I Gave That Ditch a Car

I Gave That Ditch a Car, Ditches Love Cars

Broken Seal

Seal with broken arm talking to shark. Do not consume if seal is broken.

Robert Downey

Robert's Downey Junior

Drunk Yoga

Drunk Yoga, pictures of drunk people doing drunk yoga.


This is how Y'all look when y'all take pics of yourself with them big ass Ipads

How did the hipster burn his mouth?

How did the hipster burn his mouth? he ate his dinner before it was cool

Change you can deliver

Obama ain't the only one who wants change, bum

Chinese Takeaway

Chinese baby in a bag, you order Chinese takeaway?