How My Brain Works

(How my brains work)like a light switch either utterly obsessed or uninterested


gandalf can't see shit with sunglasses

Explore the Galaxy

I bet we could explore the galaxy, if we could stop being dicks for like 5 mins.

Don't Take Your Job Too Seriously

Don't Take Your Job Too Serious, Doc, Eventually They're all going to die anyway

Hand Over The Piss!

Hand over the piss!

No Mercy

Peace was never an option


Cat licks butt, comic

Excited Kitty

Kitty is overstimulated

How About No.

Bear, How About No.

Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia.... I'm still fucking insane!


(calculator looks like game control)Nice try, math, but still I don't like you.

Smart Jokes

Man it's gonna suck when immature jokes stop being funny and we have to think of

Easter Island Pez Dispenser

Comic, someone pulls a giant rope on an easter island statue. It pops out like a giant pez dispenser.

Movie Heroes

This is what movie heroes looked like when I grew up... eastwood ...and this is what movie heroes looked like when you grew up. twilight. I would cry for you but real men don't.

What If

What if Bill was Ted?


I just got some hash... browns for breakfast, they were quite tasty.


amputee support group, phone number stickers are taken and look like legs

Primary School in America

Emma Watson asks; What do you call primary school in America? Sherlock says 'Elementary my dear Watson'.


couple kissing, alpaca behind: I get the hint, alpaca my bags and move out

Time Travel

Jacob Von Hogeflume, the inventor of time travel lived here in 2189


Walrus: Father?, guy from myth busted: Yes, my son?


school sucks, not having a job sucks, work sucks, hospital is nice, then you die